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The Team | Left to right, Claude, Ginny, Abbye, Cheryl, Connie, Roberta, Berta | Over a Century of specialized experience

Ginny and Claude LaBaw.jpg

Claude and Ginny LaBaw are the epitome of what the Principals of a business represent. While the role varies depending on the company, the main tasks remain the same. The condensed list, at MFPM, includes managing client and business relationships and helping direct the company’s vision.


With specialized combined team experience spanning over a century and covering everything thing from operations to landlord tenant law and everything in-between.

Claude and Ginny both serve in a very “hands on” approach working with their property owners, tenants and service vendors, as does their entire well-trained staff.

Their Team success lies in weathering the changes in the real estate market, both in sales as well as property management. MFPM provides a strong service background, professionalism and stalwart sense of fairness, all supported by their Christian faith.


Our Property Management Team Specialize in

  • Single Family Residence

  • Multi-unit Dwellings

  • Large Apartment Complex (requiring on-site manager)

  • RV Parks

  • Home Owner Associations

  • Project Managing for Investors

My Favorite Property Managers is an ambitious real estate endeavor owned and managed by Claude and Ginny LaBaw, striving to provide the best service possible to tenants, landlords, investors, and Realtors across Oregon.


With over 100 years of combined team experience, a diverse portfolio of successful residential and commercial properties, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to put clients’ needs first with their customer service.


Claude LaBaw sm.jpg

Claude LaBaw | Principal

Before they relocated to southern Oregon over 20 years ago, Claude and Ginny worked together in a successful real estate property rental business in California reinforcing their skillset.


With Claude showing very strong with over 50 successful rehabilitation and renovation projects to his credit, all preparing him well to manage a property rental company for an associate.


His role in the team is using his strengths in the day-to-day operations of My Favorite Property Manager. He arrives early and stays late, meeting with clients, checking on properties, and serving as a volunteer board member for Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association.

Claude has over 30 years of experience, including land advisory, evictions and turnovers. When asked what he likes most about property management he says, “it’s working directly with the tenants and owners”.

Ginny LaBaw sm.jpg

Ginny LaBaw | Principal

Ginny started out as an aerospace cost analysist, training others and watching them rise to the top, putting Ginny, a single mother with two children in an untenable situation. She tested the established rules and spoke to the management.

Not surprisenly, nothing changed. With tenacity, Ginny changed the course herself by taking the initiative to research, study and earn her real estate license. From there she became familiar with the many types of real estate services she could lean into. Property management tempted her.


Armed with over 35 years of experience including real estate, property management, escrow and property maintenance and especially, her ever-bright-smile, Ginny is more than ready to help.

Believing in her mission, she is often heard saying “people matter.” Her specific role in the company is managing finances and greeting new clients on behalf of the talented team at My Favorite Property Manager, her longtime dream.

Cheryl Evans sm.jpg

Cheryl Evans | Office Manager 

Cheryl is one of the first points of contact at My Favorite Property Manager. With, four years of property management experience, starting in the maintenance segment, her experience makes her perfect for her present position as Office Manager, by preparing her to know what questions to ask and procedures to follow while directing the client to the correct staff member.


Being a Grandmother of six and mother of four daughters, she understands the importance of working on a schedule but also being able to have some flexibility.


Cheryl is multi-faceted in her duties, answering phones and greeting walk-ins to their office on Crater Lake Avenue.

Berta Claudson sm.jpg

Berta Claudson | Agreements Specialist

A true specialist with 43 years of experience backing her up. Berta served many years in Southern Oregon Renters Owners Association focusing on teaching their members how to be good landlords and serving as President for several terms.


She knows landlord tenant law and is a great asset to My Favorite Property Manager, helping them keep tenants current and evictions to a minimum.


Prior to working with MFPM, she owned and operated her own property management service. Berta was born and raised in Josephine County on a dairy farm.

Abby Rodgers sm.jpg

Abbye Rodgers | Maintenance Coordinator

Abbye carries an associate’s degree in Risk Management, making her a great choice as Maintenance Coordinator. She spent 15 of her 18 years in the role of accident and maintenance investigation.


Currently she is inspecting and scheduling maintenance on property rentals registered with My Favorite Property Manager. She had on-the-job training for her construction background (deemed very helpful in a maintenance role) while her family built three homes and with Abbye maintaining her own.


Abbye enjoys the ability to keep properties in good repair and operating efficiently. She believes in doing her best and being honest in her representation of the company.

Roberta Gudeman SM.jpg

Roberta Gudeman | Operations Manual

The process of writing an Operations Manual is not for the faint of heart as Roberta is aware of. With 34 years of experience in healthcare and administration, she has written her share of manuals.


She has brought that technical experience to My Favorite Property Manager and has begun the process of putting together their very own Operations Manual. The manual promotes consistency among the team and removes any guess work on how procedures will be handled and by whom.


Roberta enjoys meeting the customers as one of the faces for the company. Her special talent is solving problems and then streamlining them.

Connie Sickler sm.jpg

Connie Sickler | Bookkeeper

With bookkeeping experience spanning over 25 years, it makes sense that Connie would love her work. Fortunately, she also loves the Team, “watching the numbers” and the flexibility of her work hours, making the perfect combination.


Connie knows the company well, being with the MFPM from the inception. Previous to MFPM she used her bookkeeping talents with a non-profit and also her church. At MFPM She specializes in the trust accounts for owners and rent disbursements.


Even though this is the first time she’s worked with a property management company, she appreciates that the guesswork is gone. “Number seven is always a seven”, stay it the same. She is competent, early to arrive and a pleasure to work with.

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